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19th May 2024

Defecting from sin

Natalie Elphicke, a Tory MP, recently moved to the Labour Party following Labour's victories in local elections. Another Conservative MP had crossed the floor to join Labour. These political switches are unusual, but Natalie Elphicke has followed in the footsteps of former Tory minister Dan Poulter, who recently switched to Labou

12 May 2024

Ireland's Bambie Thug Delivers Gothic Showstopping Performance at Eurovision

Ireland's Bambie Thug captured the attention of Eurovision fans with a gothic performance, an amalgamation of dark aesthetics with an intense vocal. Bambie Thug, 31, a non-binary artist from County Cork, delivered a performance of their song Doomsday Blue in Malmo, Sweden which began trending on X/Twitter during the show being described as artistic yet demonic.

5 May 2024

Finding Comfort Amidst Tragedy: The Impact of the Hainault Sword Attack on the Local Community

The incident, which occurred in broad daylight, shortly
before 7:00am has devastated the peace of this quiet London neighbourhood, leaving residents reeling in utter shock and disbelief. The brutality of the attack has not only sparked concerns about safety but has also shaken the sense of security that once characterized the area. Families are left questioning the safety of their streets, and parents are grappling with how to explain such senseless violence to their children.

28 April 2024

The Evolution of Assisted Dying in Britain

In recent years, the debate over assisted dying in Britain has intensified, sparking discussions on ethics, law, and compassion. This has reached a crucial point as Britain appears to be moving towards accepting assisted dying as a viable option for terminally ill individuals to choose their end-of-life care.

21 April 2024

Praying for Peace

On the eve of the Jewish Passover and in response to Iran's missiles, Israel sent a bombing message back to them.This came as a surprise as much of the West had asked Israel not to respond in the name of peace.

14 April 2024

Thoughts, Words and Deeds

On April 10th, 2024, Orenthal James Simpson, known as O.J. Simpson, passed away at his Las Vegas home at the age of 76, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.


31 March 2024


More than 2,000 years ago, in the early morning following the Sabbath, three frightened women made their way to a tomb where the body of a man who had been wrongfully convicted and was innocent..



24 March 2024

Royalty's Seasons

Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis has undoubtedly sent shockwaves through both the Royal family and the public. In moments like these, the vulnerability of even the most prominent figures becomes starkly apparent, reminding us of the indiscriminate nature of illness.


17 March 2024.     

The Strength of a Woman Against Racism: A Tribute to Diane Abbott

In a society where political polarisation and ethnic conflicts are common, resilience frequently appears out of the blue. This resiliency is personified by Diane Abbott, whose dedication to justice and equality shines through the murkiness of racial discrimination

10 March 2024
The Celebration of Women and Mothers

With today being Mothering Sunday, we come together to celebrate the multifaceted essence of womanhood, beautifully embodied in the myriad roles of mothers. 

3 March 2024
The essence of Change

George Galloway's victory in the Rochdale by-election has sent shockwaves through the British political scene, marking a pivotal moment in the nation's political narrative. Known for his strong personality and controversial opinions, Galloway's win for the Workers Party caught both observers and opponents off guard.

25 February 2024
Praying for our Nations and Government

The issue of Israel and the Gaza Strip has dominated the news even more than before. The images of innocent victims being killed or injured and operated on without any anaesthetic are truly gut crunching. In response, the recent parliamentary debate on a ceasefire in Gaza has




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