Men's Ministry

 "Men's Fellowship: Faith, Fun, and Friendship"

Join our dynamic Men's Fellowship every Wednesday, 7-9 pm, welcoming men aged 18 and over from all backgrounds. Discover camaraderie, spiritual growth, and genuine connections.

A Brotherhood Oasis In a fast-paced world, our Men's Fellowship offers a sanctuary for men to gather, find solace, explore faith, and build authentic connections within our loving church community.

Diverse Activities & Heartfelt Discussions our meetings are packed with diverse activities, tabletop games, meaningful discussions, and spiritual exploration to suit every man's interests.

Highlighted Activities:

  • Tabletop Games: Challenge your mind, enjoy friendly competition, and bond over laughter with various tabletop games.
  • Honest Discussions: Gather for open talks on life's challenges, spiritual growth, and lessons from scripture.
  • Bible Studies: Deepen your faith through engaging Bible study sessions, discovering God's relevance in daily life.

Scripture: Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) "As iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another."

Annual Retreat Escape the daily grind at our yearly men's weekend retreat. Reconnect with nature, deepen your spirituality, and recharge alongside like-minded individuals in a serene setting.

Community Beyond the Church Our bonds extend beyond church walls, with opportunities for lasting connections and adventure at the annual retreat.

A Place to Belong Our Men's Fellowship offers belonging and brotherhood. Find mentors, confidants, and friends to support you through life's journey, whether you seek spiritual growth, companionship, or relaxation.

In a hectic world, our Men's Fellowship provides hope, inspiration, and camaraderie. Join us every Wednesday, 7-9 pm, for faith, fellowship, and fun. Begin your journey to a more fulfilling life with kindred spirits by your side.


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